19 Ocak 2017 - Perşembe


 This program is open to veterinary medicine students  in the 4th and 5th grades in our country and abroad and want to progress towards EQUINE MEDICINE

 Externship program is in 15-30 and 45 day time periods.

 Those who participate in this program should adjust their stay and arrival schedule themselves. There is no place to stay in our clinic.

 If This program is selected;

 - Can develop clinical skills with experienced veterinary practitioners.

 - You can get detailed information on topics you are curious about,

 - Personnel,customers and with horses you can develop one-on-one communication skills,

 - Experience the work and principles of existing medical devices available in the clinic,

 - By the time of spending with horses you can understand them , you can approach and further increase the love of horse and equine medicine in it.

 - Can learn that beeing an equine veterinary medicine how special a professional group is and how hard it is.

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