24 Ocak 2017 - Salı


Our reproductive center is number one in Turkey for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility of infertile mare and stallions. Advanced reproductive techniques and treatments are applied in reproductive medicine which is a specialty of our clinic.

In addition to spermatological tests such as determination of number, color, volume, pH, spermatozoon numbers of stallions in mililiters , determination of total spermatozoon numbers, determination of dead and live spermatozoon ratios by staining method, andrological examinations, adaptation of new stallions to Phantom and covering. Collecting semen by AV, cooling and freezing semen , Chilled and frozen semen transfer performed successfully in our clinic. Our Clinic is unique in Turkey in the preparation and transfer of cooled semen.

You can safely entrust your breed to our clinic, which is the Turkish brand in reprocessing with ultrasound examinations of the genital systems of mare, determination of appropriate insemination time, artificial (with fresh, chilled and frozen semen) and natural covering, pregnancy examinations, detection of genital diseases.

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş